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James Webb telescope first images

First images from James Webb telescope Here is short insight into NASA’s article related to the James Webb telescope news. Even more details and explanation you will find in the videos below. The dawn of a new era in astronomy has begun as the world gets its first look at the full capabilities of NASA’s

Amazon Prime Day 2022 – Get All The Best

You can always find something interesting during Amazon Prime Day. Here is an overview and some tips and tricks at the end so you can get the most of this amazing shopping holiday. Economic uncertainty, inflation, and the lingering effects of the pandemic are tempering expectations for this year’s Prime Day, the annual Amazon sales

Latest Tech and Crypto News July 2022

This short article shows the latest Tech and Crypto News. A special focus is on crypto and big tech companies from which, as we saw in the previous few weeks we get some interesting information. Selected Tech and Crypto News Roughly 49 days ago, the number of bitcoin held on exchange was around 2.503 million,

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