Month: August 2022

Fecal fountains: CDC warns of diarrheal outbreaks linked to poopy splash pads

Enlarge / A 2-year-old enjoys the spray of water in a splash pad in Los Angeles on June 20, 2022. (credit: Getty | Al Seib) In this summer’s record-blazing heat, a spritz of crisp, cool water sounds like delicious bliss. Each drop offering brisk relief as it pitter-patters on your face, quenching your sizzling skin.

Formula E’s most successful racer shares his ideas on racing technology

Enlarge / Lucas Di Grassi leads Jake Dennis in the 2022 London ePrix. (credit: Sam Bloxham/Formula E) Formula E will close out its season this weekend with its first visit to Seoul, South Korea. It’s not just the end of season eight and the last race for the Gen2 electric race cars but also marks the

Chess Olympiad 2022 and more historic events…

August brings a lot of chess excitement. The 44. Chess Olympiad is ongoing with surprising games every day and we will also take a look on the one of the most famous chess matches in the history from 50 years ago. Chess Olympiad 2022: Hosts are incredible 50 years ago: Fischer – Spassky Game six:

How to Write a Blog Post with AI Fast in 10 Minutes

As a busy digital marketer, you might not have the time to sit down and blog every day. And you don’t have money to invest in writers as well. No worries, because I’ll help you learn how to write a blog post with AI fast in 10 minutes. And, you can generate high-quality articles with

Renderforest VS InVideo: Which One is Better (2022)

Renderforest and InVideo are two of the internet’s top cloud-based visual content creation platforms. They offer a wide range of features and tools to help you create professional-looking videos, but which one is better? And that’s why I’ve made this Renderforest vs InVideo comparison today. We’ll pit one against the other in a battle to

How to Get Google AdSense Approval: Ultimate Guide (2022)

I first applied to AdSense 7 years ago. And since then, I’ve helped many people get approved for displaying Google Ads to make money. In this ultimate guide on H-Educate, you’ll learn how to get Google AdSense approval fast. Google AdSense is the most popular ad network for bloggers and website owners. If you’re looking

How To Create Video Ads With Renderforest (2022)

Renderforest is a cloud-based visual content creation platform that helps you create images and videos in no time. And in this post, you’ll learn how to create video ads with Renderforest without experience or professional design skills. As a digital marketer and online entrepreneur, you know the importance of video marketing. You also know that

Jasper Affiliate Program: How to Make $1000 Per Month

The most significant problem that freelancers, bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs currently face is delivering content fast. And you can easily convince them to start using the AI writing tool Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, to solve the problem. And make money with Jasper Affiliate Partner Program! You can earn from one to multiple thousand dollars

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